for watches, well worn...

We like to say, "we are for watches, well worn..." It's assurance that we will only offer the finest vintage timepieces available at any price. Hub city vintage is the culmination of nearly 20 years of buying, selling, and appreciating great mechanical watches. From the novice looking to add history to a budding collection, to the connossieur hoping to find that next great piece, we promise rich history, classic design, and robust calibers in an effort to help you find the right watch for the left wrist. The watch you wear says a lot about you. Shouldn't it speak from experience? We like the old way. We prefer watches with a story, built by watchmakers that took pride in their craft. We like patina, we appreciate complexity, and we understand value. A watch is a very personal possession, often linked to its owner for generations. Wear a watch you can talk about, and mention us when people notice it. They will. It's why we say, we are for watches, well worn.

hcv watch rolls are here!

Always have the right watch at the ready with our handmade watch roll. In order to offer a roll that we were proud to put our name on, we decided to just build them ourselves! Made of stacked, heavy duck cloth, our rolls are built to last, break in easy, and protect your watches on the go. Each roll has five watch compartments, an extra strap slot, and a pocket for your favorite strap tool.

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Created by Seth Roberts