1970 Seiko 6106-8589 70m Sport Diver “Chevron” (Resist)

1970 Seiko 6106-8589 70m Sport Diver “Chevron” (Resist)


Seiko’s original 6106-8100 kicked off what has become a rich and storied history light sport divers. For collectors, they continue to top the list of desired acquisitions, and its pretty easy to understand why. The follow up to the 8100, the 8589, was a natural evolution in design, and is a first cousin to the famous 6119-8460 worn by NASA director, Gene Kranz during the Apollo missions. Sharing a case with the Kranz model, the 8589 is an otherwise unique model, as the chevron dial was the only previous design to go virtually unchanged from the previous iteration. It features a bright cobalt blue dial with a sunburst finish and glossy lacquer top. Though not flawless, it is certainly close with only a few very light visible blemishes. So named for its distinct hour markers, each is a large split chevron of luminous material, with the exception of the 12, 6, and 9 which have squared corners. An even khaki patina has developed throughout that only enhances the contrast against the dial, and framing it all is a baby blue blocked minute track with silver hour markers between. The hands are large batons with matching luminous and a bright polished finish, and a slender sweep ticks off the seconds. The case is a sloping barrel with chopped, chunky lugs and coin edge bezel. The insert is a a sandblasted silver “count up” style, and though the markings have faded a bit over time, they are still clear and legible, and the pip is intact at zero. The hacking 6106 features a quick set for both the day and the date, and post service, is keeping near perfect time. It is unpolished and completely original aside from a replacement crystal, and we’ve paired it with a soft gray paratrooper strap to showcase the dial and provide comfort on the wrist. A rare and historic piece of Seiko sport diver history, this one is sure to be a “go to” again and again.

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Serviced 9/3/19

Diameter- 38mm

Lugs- 19mm

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