1964 Seiko 7625-8961 "Sportsmatic" Calendar 820

1964 Seiko 7625-8961 "Sportsmatic" Calendar 820


Seiko's Sportsmatic line was a solidly built, but economic mid century offering desinged for those seeking value and durability. That said, if you look for them, there are some rarer variants and dial configurations that can be hard to track down, but are an awesome "bang for your buck" when they do turn up. A great example is this 7625-8961 from December of '64. It's the Calendar 820 featuring a date aperture at the three o'clock position, but most notably is the "knock out" of a dial. Starting with a radial finish, it has a pearlescent base followed by a thick iridescent lacquer and a "crosshairs" finish. It is captivating on the wrist. Each change in lighting brings out a cascade of colors from greens and reds to purples and blues, and they all seem to emanate outward in rays from the center. The markers are pointed studs, and beyond them is a matte silver chapter ring with a crisp minute track. The case is a simple affair with Seiko's familiar recessed crown at four, and the case back is embossed with the "dolphin" motif to signify a "waterproof" automatic. Paired with a khaki NATO for a casual appeal, it's incredibly versatile and at 37mm, it doesn't get lost on the wrist. A true classic at a bargain price.


Ague Trading Co. Premium Khaki NATO 



Serviced 10/5/17

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