1981 Seiko 6309-7049 150m Sport diver “Turtle”

1981 Seiko 6309-7049 150m Sport diver “Turtle”


As important as any watch can be too the efficacy of a brand, the 6309-7040/9 is a perfect delivery of intention. It's as rugged and hard wearing as it is aesthetically satisfying. Even as the first "Turtles" released in 1976 turned 41 this year, one thing is certain... they don't get old. This example from December of '81 is no exception. Completely original aside from a replacement crystal, it's an opportunity to add an icon to your roster. The 44mm case is unpolished and the original circular brushed finish is still quite visible. The bezel rotates freely in either direction with a satisfying click, with the insert showing some of the wear of its 36 years of use. Beneath the crystal, the matte black dial is perfect. The markers have just begun to develop some light color, and the hands are aging similarly, and with nice even tone. The crown and case back screw down tightly, and the 6309 they protect is keeping near perfect time post service. Attached is a genuine Seiko Z22 straight vent strap with correct “Fat Boy” spring bars. Overall, a great example of the quintessential Seiko diver.


Seiko Z22 Black Rubber Straight Vent Strap

Serviced 11/15/17

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