1977 Seiko 7009-8129 Automatic Day/Date “Arabic”

1977 Seiko 7009-8129 Automatic Day/Date “Arabic”


When it comes to dial layout, few can top the crisp contrast of a clean and understated Arabic format. Typically associated with a military purpose, they are highly legible minimalist timepieces that offer classic style and timeless design. This 7009 from Seiko’s Daini division is a perfect example. Produced in April of ‘77, it features a silver sunburst dial with a glossy lacquered finish on which large black Arabic numerals in a clean modern font have been printed. At the the three o’clock position is a framed day/date window, both of which can be quickset via the crown. The case architecture is classic Seiko with smooth lines, sharp angles, and a contoured curvature that provides great comfort on the wrist. In keeping with its crisp demeanor, we’ve paired it with a light brown distressed leather that’s perfect for all occasions. At 37mm, it offers versatility and plenty of eye catching presence.


Clockwork Synergy Light Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


Serviced 1/7/18

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