1977 Seiko 6309-7049 150m Sport Diver “Turtle” (Suwa)

1977 Seiko 6309-7049 150m Sport Diver “Turtle” (Suwa)


As important as any watch can be too the efficacy of a brand, the 6309-7040/9 is a perfect delivery of intention. It's as rugged and hard wearing as it is aesthetically satisfying. Even as the first "Turtles" released in 1976 turned 42 this year, one thing is certain... they don't get old. This example from June of ‘77 is no exception. Completely original aside from a replacement crystal and strap, it's an opportunity to add an icon to your roster. As most collectors prefer, it carries the signature “S” logo just above the 6 o'clock marker on the minty matte black dial. This signifies that it was completely assembled at the Suwa factory in Japan. The luminous material has developed a perfect golden patina that is even throughout the markers, and the unpolished case shows only minor wear, and still bears the original factory finishes. The bezel insert is exceptional considering its age, and the bezel rotates in either direction with a satisfying “click.” The crown and case back screw down tightly, and the 6309 they protect is a workhorse movement ready to provide many more years of service. The replacement Z22 vented rubber strap provides a very close resemblance to the original fit and finish for one of our favorite Seiko tool watches.


22mm Z22 Black Straight Vent Rubber Strap


Serviced 3/15/18

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