1974 Seiko 6139-7070 Automatic Chronograph

1974 Seiko 6139-7070 Automatic Chronograph


The 7070 is a welcome departure from the mostly sports oriented layouts of the 6139 roster. The sweeping lines of the tonneau case and steeply angled bezel offer a classic look with versatility. Beneath the beveled hardlex sits a tri-level dial in deep aquamarine blue in a matte finish so fine, it appears almost soft to the touch. In stark contrast, the hands and lengthy markers are a bright white and stand out crisply against the dial. The matching chapter makes for a flawless frame, and is marked in a tachymetric scale. This example from June of '74 is a beautiful specimen. The dial is perfect, the case has retained its original factory finishes, and on a rich brown distressed leather strap, it is ready to add a little sophistication to your chronograph line up.


Clockwork Synergy Dark Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


Serviced 8/31/17

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