1973 Seiko 6139-6005 Automatic Chronograph "Col. Pogue"

1973 Seiko 6139-6005 Automatic Chronograph "Col. Pogue"


For vintage Seiko fans, it doesn't get any more iconic than the "Pogue." After purchasing his own 6139 at an exchange on base, Col. William Pogue trained for 6 months with his trusty new companion strapped to his wrist. It proved a trustworthy and reliable tool throughout rigorous simulations, and so was taken along side his NASA issued Omega Speedmaster Pro when he began his actual mission aboard Skylab. It was not only now the first automatic chronograph to leave our atmosphere, but would forever be associated with Col. Pogue and his place in the history of horology. This example from February of '73 makes it easy to see what drew him in that fateful day. The golden yellow dial with a sunburst finish is simply captivating. It's framed by a rotating inner "count up" bezel that's angled upward toward the metallic red and blue, or "Pepsi," tachymetric bezel. The barrel shaped case has sweeping lines contrasted by sharply contoured lugs. Unpolished, and original examples have become an uncommon occurrence on the open market as appreciation by collectors of every variety expands by the day. Don't miss this opportunity to add one to your roster.


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