1973 JDM Seiko 7015-7000 5 Sports Speedtimer “Fly back”

1973 JDM Seiko 7015-7000 5 Sports Speedtimer “Fly back”


Though much of the attention of vintage fans seems to center around the 613X “Suwa” chronographs , Seiko’s Daini division was answering back with their own 701X calibers that were equally impressive, and in some instances, even ahead of the curve. What they lack in minute and hour registers, they more than make up for with features all their own. This 7015-7000 from November of ‘73 is a killer racing chronograph with sloping contours and crisp lines. The dial is absolutely mint. It’s a rich gradient blue/green sunburst that’s lighter at the center, and darkens as it reaches the edges. The markers are polished to a mirror finish, and beveled through the center. At the edge is a segmented decimal chapter in baby blue and white, and the sweep hand jumps off the dial in a vibrant orange. A signature feature of Seiko’s 701X movements, the chronograph offers a “flyback” reset, which means that the sweep can be reset to zero without first having to stop the mechanism. Attached is the original 5 Sports bracelet that only adds to the aesthetic appeal of this particular model. It attaches to the case on either side with a large flat endlink that perfectly compliments the smooth surfaces of the “saucer” style case. It’s keeping near perfect time post service, and the chronograph functions are smooth and responsive. We’d recommend staying away from this one if you don’t want to be asked about the watch your wearing by complete strangers...


Original Seiko “H-Link” 5 Sports Bracelet in Stainless Steel


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