1973 JDM Seiko 6106-7480 "Actus SS"

1973 JDM Seiko 6106-7480 "Actus SS"


Within the Seiko brand, there are more than a few sub brands worth adding to any collection. In this case, the Actus line is a noteworthy example. Built and designed for the Japanese domestic market (JDM), the designs in this subset consist of the very traditional, right through to what some consider avant garde. The word itself comes from a Latin term meaning to progress or move forward. On occasion, a piece that's the perfect mix of tradition and forward thinking surfaces and this piece from January of '73 is just that. Clean, classic case lines (37mm) and a beveled low profile bezel surround a striking Carribean teal colored dial that's been detailed with an etched spiral finish throughout. The applied markers have a concave lower surface that plays with light, and the upper surface holds the luminous markers with a contrasting rounded top. It's driven by the hacking 6106C, a robust Seiko workhorse that can be found in many models of the era, and is as reliable as they come. Fitted with a NOS "hardlex" crystal and attached the the original "5ACTUS" bracelet, this one is completely original and no doubt, an attention getter.


Original Seiko "5ACTUS" 5 Link Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 6/13/17

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