1973 JDM King Seiko 5626-7041 Hi-Beat 28,800

1973 JDM King Seiko 5626-7041 Hi-Beat 28,800


The King Seiko line of the late 1960's and 70's exude elegance and class. Packed with subtle details, and an almost gemstone like faceting of the case, one would be hard pressed to find more value in a comparably priced watch. This example from December of 1973 is no exception. The 5626 driving the hands hums along at a smooth 28,800 bph, and the case is a classic "Tanaka" inspired design with flat polished surfaces and an array of sharp lines and contours. The dial is unblemished in a pearlescent, silvery white sunburst with a lacquered finish. The applied markers are starkly contrasted in black, as are the atypical hands. The day (English/Kanji) and date can be quickset via the engraved crown, and the movement can be manually wound as well as by the rotor. We've paired it with a grainy black distressed leather that greatly accentuates the dial, and offers great comfort for everyday wear. If a crispy King Seiko is on your short list, here's your opportunity.


Clockwork Synergy Distressed Brown Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)

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