1972 Seiko 6139-6012 Automatic Chronograph

1972 Seiko 6139-6012 Automatic Chronograph


A sleek and refined advancement of the earlier 6139-6010 variants, the 6012 is an absolute masterpiece of an automatic chronograph. It was available in several color ways, but for us, this version is easily the front runner. With its timeless case architecture, low profile bezel, and 39mm stature, this black and white beauty means business, and owns casual. This example from June of ‘72 is amazing. The crisp and unpolished case is classic Seiko with opposing half moon lugs that appear to be joined only by the wide, polished bezel. The chronograph pushers only slightly protrude, and the crown sits nearly flush at the three o’clock position providing a clean and tight overall build. The dial is absolutely perfect. It’s finished in a textured matte black with long and lean luminous markers and a PVD day/date frame. In concentric rings of soft silver, the minute register provides perfect contrast, while also neatly pairing the dial with the glossy black and silver tachymetric chapter. The hour and minute hands are easily legible in black and white, and the chronograph hands bring a touch of color in a slightly subdued yellow. This one’s completely original aside from a replacement crystal, and we’ve paired it with a light brown distressed leather for a clean and balanced finish. If you’re looking for one watch to cover every occasion, this one will be hard to beat.


Clockwork Synergy Light Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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