1972 Seiko 6117-6410 Navigator Timer (Resist)

1972 Seiko 6117-6410 Navigator Timer (Resist)


Seiko's sophomore attempt at a pilot's watch came in the form of the 6117-6419. Carrying the same name as its predecessor, this Navigator Timer is a classically designed GMT with several points of improvement from the former. With a broader tonneau style case, the 24 hour bezel has been repositioned to frame the dial, and is split into two segmented halves: red for daylight hours, and blue for night. Rotated by the crown rather than as an exterior bezel, it is less likely to be jarred out of position. The dial in a matte black is contrasted for legibility by long and sizable white luminous markers. Tracking a second time zone is made easy by the "dog-legged" and bright red, fixed 24 hour hand. The 6117B adds a hacking lever not available on the first model, and is a robust and reliable caliber built for durability. This "Resist" dial example from September of ‘72 is an absolute stunner. It’s completely original other than a replacement crystal, and the case is crisp and unpolished. The inner bezel shows no chipping or color loss along the segmented hour track, and rotates smoothly via the crown. For an authentic pilot aesthetic, we’ve paired it with a double layer RAF two-piece NATO in a soft gray. Comfortable on the wrist and up for any occasion, this is GMT is a lesson in timeless styling and versatility.


Clockwork Synergy Gray Two-Piece Double Layer RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 11/19/17

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