1972 JDM Seiko 6139-6032 5 Sports Speed Timer

1972 JDM Seiko 6139-6032 5 Sports Speed Timer


Seiko’s 6139-60XX chronographs are truly iconic. From the barrel shape of the case, to the bold color layouts, they are instantly recognizable and often the catalyst for newly converted enthusiasts. Like many of Seiko’s other chronographs, two versions were created side by side; a larger production, lower jewel count export variant, and a smaller production, higher jewel count model built solely for the Japanese domestic market. Aside from the movement upgrade, the JDM 6139’s (among other references) were dubbed “Speed Timers” and the dials often carried the “5 Sports” badge as well. In addition, the day of the week could toggle between English and Kanji, and the these models were available in color ways and with signature bracelets not seen on the export versions. For collectors, these JDM beauties top the list, but as they weren’t available outside of Japan, owing one can be, at the very least, challenging. Perhaps that’s why we’re a bit more than excited to be able to offer up this stunning 6032 Speed Timer from April of ‘72. Not only is it a rare opportunity in general, this example is in jaw dropping condition. The case is unpolished with the original finishes still intact, and its topped with a black and red “coke” bezel that shows virtually no wear or fade. Beneath it, the matte black and silver dial is perfect. The luminous markers are original and free of degradation or color. The hands are are vibrant and free of chipping, and the inner bezel provides a seamless frame. The chronograph is responsive with a snappy reset, and the 6139B is keeping near perfect time post service. The bracelet is the original 5 Sports “Double H-Link” that’s seldom seen in tow with this model. If rare and well preserved are on the list, this one checks both boxes, along with several others. 

Original JDM 5 Sports “Double H-Link” Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 5/7/18

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