1972 JDM King Seiko 5246-6000 “Special” Chronometer Hi-Beat

1972 JDM King Seiko 5246-6000 “Special” Chronometer Hi-Beat


The King Seiko line of the 1960’s and 70’s offers many great watches worthy of your attention and admiration. For those already familiar with the KS badge though, one model stands as the pinnacle, and is heartily sought after as THE addition to any great collection. The 52KS series would be the last of the King Seikos ever produced, and understanding that, Seiko’s Daini division decided these final pieces would be something “special.”  Regarded as one of the finest movements Seiko was capable of at the time, the 52KS was even branded as “Special” on the dial, along with a chronometer designation for the production years of 1971 and ‘72. 1973 saw the movement change from the 5245 and 46 to the 5256 and the chronometer label dropped. This example from August of ‘72 is an absolute stunner. It’s monocoque case is sleek and crisp, and the flared sides and smooth case back (or lack of a case back) give this timepiece an unmistakeable identity among its brethren. The dial is an inky black with a lacquer finish that provides incredible depth. The markers are beveled and polished, and like the hands, catch every sliver of stray light. The 5246 offers hand winding, instant date change, quickset for both the day and the date, and bi-directional winding of the rotor. It’s hums along at 28,800 bph, and is currently operating within the chronometer standards listed on the dial. There are few “Specials” available these days, and of those that are, many are not nearly as well preserved.  This is the first, and likely the last we’ll be able to offer like it.


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