1971 Seiko 6138-8020 Automatic Chronograph "Panda"

1971 Seiko 6138-8020 Automatic Chronograph "Panda"


Needing little to no introduction, the 6138-8020 "Panda" is easily the most sought after vintage Seiko available. Finding unmolested original examples has nearly become an exercise in futility. The market is saturated with examples cobbled together with aftermarket dials, hands, tach. scale rings, pushers, and bracelets. Needless to say, when the opportunity to acquire this unbelievable example was presented, I approached it with unparalleled scrutiny and thoroughly examined every aspect... twice. From June of 1971, it is an absolutely pristinely preserved, and completely original example aside from a replacement crystal. There are even a few flecks of the original blue case back sticker still in place. A description of what makes this watch noteworthy or important will be forgone in this listing. It is what it is, and likely the last I'll ever own like it. Due to the overwhelming demand for this piece, I have decided to list it here in an effort to be as fair as possible, and let chance decide its new owner.


Original Seiko "Fishbone" Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 6/13/17

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