1971 Seiko 6119-6400 5 Sports 70m Sport Diver

1971 Seiko 6119-6400 5 Sports 70m Sport Diver


Seiko's UFO Sport Divers from the late 60's and 70's offer big and bold diver styling with pounds of vintage appeal. The UFO moniker comes from the “saucer” shaped style of the case, and it has long been a favorite of vintage seiko collectors. This example from April of ‘71 checks all the boxes. It is extremely well preserved with a minty black dial boasting crisp markings and bright white luminous markers. The rotating inner bezel is a glossy "count up" style that rotates freely in either direction via the crown. Lengthy polished batons make for ease of legibility, and the bright orange sweep can’t be missed. The case has the factory circular brush finish intact, and is topped with a polished edge bezel with flat black inlay. The original bracelet is in tow, and its a wide slotted “Razor Blade” style that adds tons of character.


Original Seiko “Razor Blade” Bracelet in Stainless Steel


Serviced 2/9/18

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