1971 JDM Seiko 7019-6040 5 Sports Diver 70m

1971 JDM Seiko 7019-6040 5 Sports Diver 70m


In an effort to allow healthy competition to dictate innovations in both style and engineering, Seiko’s design and production teams were divided into two factions: the Suwa Division, and the Daini Division. This led to a high stakes game of “one-upmanship” that gave us some of the most memorable styles to have come out of the era. In particular, light divers had taken the market by storm, and Seiko implored each branch to bring their very best to satiate a market in demand. While there are plenty of sport divers from the Suwa lineup that made their way to the western market, many of the Daini designs remained available to Japan’s domestic market alone. We are constantly on the lookout for these hard to find JDM Daini divers, and we think it’s fairly easy to see why. This 7019 from February of ‘71 is a near mint stunner that has to be seen to be believed. The sloping tonneau style case shows almost no wear, and all of the original finishes are crisp and intact. Beneath the polished bezel, the dial is perfect, showing no hint of its 47 years of age. Polished steel and bright colors against a matte black backdrop make this one impossible to miss. The inner bezel rotates smoothly in either direction via the crown, and the day (English/Kanji) and date can be quick set independently. Attached is the nearly impossible to find 5 Sports “Reverse H-Link” bracelet making this a truly rare package that you’re not likely to see again. The 7019 driving the hands is a robust workhorse that’s durable and dependable. It’s keeping near perfect time post service and is ready for many more years of faithful service. 

Original Seiko 5 Sports “Reverse H-Link” Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 6/22/18

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