1971 JDM King Seiko 4502-7010 Hi-Beat 36000 (Original KS Buckle Included)

1971 JDM King Seiko 4502-7010 Hi-Beat 36000 (Original KS Buckle Included)


The 45KS was developed by the Daini Division of Seiko to compete head to head with 61GS of their in-house rivals at Suwa. A stunning piece of manually wound machinery that clipped along at 36000 bph, and were the last of the hand built movements for the KS line. In fact, they were also the last 36,000 movements Daini would produce. Many were rated as chronometers, and for any avid collector, a 45KS is a must have as not only were they incredibly precise, they were delivered in memorable style across only a handful of styles. Case in point is this 4502-7010 from February of 1971. The 2 in the reference number signifies the addition of a date function. It's an instant change date advanced by a complicated, albeit ingenious mechanism that one can only truly appreciate after the challenge of reassembling it. The case has a sloping curvature downward from the bezel that is met with a flat plane at the inner corner of each lug, and a “north to south” brushed texture covers almost the entire front and side surfaces. There is a small area of marring to the lower right lug at the corner, but otherwise it is in crisp, unpolished condition with the original finishes still intact. The case back boasts the gold “KS” medallion at center with only two small points of visible wear. The oversized crown is the original and is engraved with the KS logo as well. The focal point of this timepiece is surely the silvery white linen dial with its lacquered finish and applied markers in black.  For contrast, we’ve paired it with a thin black leather similar to its original, and have fitted it with an original “KS” buckle in stainless steel. A true Seiko classic, it is in fantastic overall condition, and an enviable addition to any collection.


BAMBI Thin Matte Black Leather with Original “KS” Buckle in Stainless Steel


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