1970 Seiko 6139-6000 Automatic Chronograph (Proof)

1970 Seiko 6139-6000 Automatic Chronograph (Proof)


For vintage Seiko lovers, perhaps no series is as instantly recognizable as the 6139-600X models that have become synonymous with the introduction of this historic movement. For collectors, they serve as the embodiment of Seiko’s efforts to deliver, with style, their first automatic chronograph. Today, these models are often referred to as, and fall under the umbrella of the “Pogue” models due to their association to Col. William Pogue and his now historic yellow dialed variant. Available in three colorways (Yellow, Silver, and Blue), it goes without saying that no matter your preference, they are all memorable in their own right and the right example would be a highlight in any collection. This example from June of ‘70 is amazing. The rich, velvety blue dial is flawless and captivating. As it’s an early variant, the dial carries the 70m Proof designation at left center. The luminous material on the markers is the original, and free of degradation. The rotating inner bezel has faded slightly, but is an even charcoal gray throughout. The polished hour and minute hands are free of oxidation, and the luminous material has no discoloration or degradation. The chronograph hands are a fiery red/orange that is both complementary, and in perfect contrast to the dial, and the sweep is the original and correct two-piece design. The outer bezel in crisp, metallic red and blue bears shows very little wear, and no fading of color. The case remains unpolished with the original factory finishes still clearly intact. The chronograph functions are responsive, and post service, the 6139A is keeping near perfect time. Completely original aside from a replacement crystal and strap, it’s a beautiful and rare example that would make a great addition to any roster.

Clockwork Synergy Gray Double Layer Two-Piece RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 9/25/18

Diameter- 41mm

Lugs- 19mm

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