1970 Seiko 6119-8460 70m Sport Diver “Gene Kranz”

1970 Seiko 6119-8460 70m Sport Diver “Gene Kranz”


Gene Kranz is most known for his role as Flight Director during the Apollo Missions of the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Perhaps most famously, for his part in bringing home the astronauts aboard Apollo 13 after an explosion forced the crew to abandon their mission of a moon landing, and along with Kranz and his team, devise a way to use impaired equipment to get back to Earth. During the six day ordeal, Kranz can be seen in the constant company of two items: A white vest emblazoned with NASA insignia that was made as a gift from his wife, and his silver “proof” dialed Seiko 6119-8460 sport diver. Due to production timing, very few of these proof dialed examples exist, and opportunities to own one have become increasingly rare. Owning a near mint example with a perfect dial and original bracelet, well that’s nearly unheard of. This example from May of 1970 is quite possibly the only chance to add this historic timepiece, in this condition, you’ll have. Only the slightest wear can be seen on its printed “count up” bezel insert. The case is unpolished with all factory finishes still crisply intact. The original luminous material in the markers and hands is free of degradation and stain, and the 6119 driving the hands has been serviced and is keeping near perfect time. On the original five-link bracelet, it all original and complete, and will absolutely be a highlight in any collection.


Original Seiko Five-Link Bracelet in Stainless Steel


Serviced 10/13/17


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