1970 JDM Seiko 7017–8000 Speed Timer “Flyback”

1970 JDM Seiko 7017–8000 Speed Timer “Flyback”


Though Seiko’s Suwa division famously released the 6139 automatic chronograph in 1969, it was only one year later that the Daini division answered back with their own iteration in the form of the 7017. Thinner and sleeker than the 6139, it could be delivered in a more compact package, and featured a “flyback” function that allowed for the chronograph sweep to be reset without having to first stop the mechanism. This early 8000 from November of ‘70 is a fantastic example that’s been incredibly well preserved. The blocky shape of the case is offset by contoured lines and smooth finishes that give it a great vintage racing feel. The minty dial is a deep matte black countered by a white minute track and an orange decimal chapter. The Speed Timer logo in its signature orange sits between the Seiko and 5 markings at top center, and a 70 proof designation at bottom which appears on only the earliest versions. As it’s a JDM variant, the day can be toggled between English and Kanji, and is paired along side the date under a polished frame. Paired with a distressed black leather strap, its versatile and sporty, and ready for the wrist.


Clockwork Synergy Distressed Black Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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