1970 JDM Seiko 6139-7010 5 Sports “Speed Timer” (Proof)

1970 JDM Seiko 6139-7010 5 Sports “Speed Timer” (Proof)


Within the 6139 lineup, there are a few pieces that can easily be classified as “Grails.” And for those who are already in the know, they may have just stumbled onto one of theirs. For those unaware, the 7010 stacks rare on top of rare, and in the case of this example from May of 1970, a third “rare” gets to be stacked on top, sheerly for the condition of this piece alone. Many of the 6139 models Seiko produced for export had a JDM counterpart that was only available for purchase in Japan. These chronographs were given the “Speed Timer” designation, and in addition to their additional dial graphics, they also housed an upgraded variant of the movement with four more jewels than those bound for the US market. This alone would qualify them as rare. But what about a watch that wasn’t sold in any market, foreign or domestic. That appears to be the case for the 7010. As I understand it, this model was built specifically for the Japanese military, and never sold on the open market. In addition to being the rarest of the already rare “Speed Timers,” this one is in truly unbelievable condition. The matte black dial is perfect. The white Arabic hour markers, along with all of the other dial printing is crisp and flawless. The hands are free of chipping or paint loss, and the original luminous material has a faint, even khaki patina. The chronograph hands are in blazing orange, and the sweep is the correct “two-piece” style. The tachymetric scaled chapter in flat black retains all its original markings and is free of any wear or blemishes. The case is nearly perfect. The original factory finishes and edges are sharp and clearly defined. The bezel has its original factory polished finish, and shows almost no visible signs of wear. Almost as rare as the watch, is the bracelet attached. Although it is not original to this specific watch, it is correct to this model, and was nearly impossible to track down in this condition. A worthwhile effort to complete one of Seiko’s finest and most sought after 6139 Speed Timers. The 6139A is keeping near perfect time post service, with crisp and responsive chronograph functions. If this watch is on your list, I’m certain you will not do better than this stunning example. 

Original Seiko Triple Hinged Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 9/22/18

Diameter- 41mm

Lugs- 19mm

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