1969 Seiko 6119-8093 Automatic Day/Date “MIL Dial” (Arabic)

1969 Seiko 6119-8093 Automatic Day/Date “MIL Dial” (Arabic)


A favorite among the enlisted men of the Vietnam era, the 6619 and 6119 military variants are hard to resist for those looking to add some military history to their lineup. This example from November of 1969 is a stunning example that’s very well preserved and wrist ready. The dial is a rich charcoal gray sunburst with a glossy lacquer finish, and features crisp Arabic markers that have a developed the warm khaki patina that only comes about through age and exposure. The hands are broad batons with matching luminous that are easily legible and in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic. The day and date are contrasting in opposing silver and black and share a framed window. The case sports a thinner profile with chunky lugs and a sleek linear bevel from corner to corner. It’s topped with a thin raised bezel that nicely frames the dial and adds a bit of depth. The 6119 housed within is a workhorse calibre built to last, and is keeping fantastic time post service. We’ve attached it to a dark brown distressed leather for a casual and comfortable finish. These mil dials are in short supply and high demand, so don’t miss this opportunity to add one to your squad.


Clockwork Synergy Dark Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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