1969 Seiko 6117-8000 Navigator Timer (Proof)

1969 Seiko 6117-8000 Navigator Timer (Proof)


Seiko’s first iteration of a GMT pilot’s watch, the 6117-8000 has become as sought after as it has impossible to find. A monochromatic masterpiece, it’s minimal and stripped down to no more than what is absolutely necessary, yet still commands attention and won’t go unnoticed. In our opinion, that’s exactly what makes it the perfect tool watch. This example from March of ‘69 is the nicest example we’ve ever offered. The dial is perfect. It’s a striking charcoal sunburst beneath a glossy lacquer finish that’s framed by a raised chapter in black. It’s decked in silver hash marks and large square luminous plots at each hour marker. The only spot of color comes from the bright red 24 hour hand. It can be used along with the bezel to track time in a second time-zone. The bezel is a coin-edge style that rotates smoothly in either direction, but with the perfect amount of tension to hold it in place once set. The 24 hour insert nicely contrasts the dial in silver and black, and shows almost no wear. The case is crisp and unpolished with all factory finishes still intact, and its barrel shape is perfectly contoured to the wrist. We’ve paired it with a heavy RAF NATO in keeping with it’s air borne heritage. The 6117A is a robust calibre, and post service this one is keeping near perfect time. This is a must have for any true vintage Seiko fan, and opportunities to own one in this condition won’t come often. 

Clockwork Synergy Slate Gray Double Layer Two-Piece RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 10/9/18

Diameter- 38mm

Lugs- 19mm

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