1969 Seiko 4006-7000 Bell-Matic 17j

1969 Seiko 4006-7000 Bell-Matic 17j


The first Bell-Matics were released in November of 1966, and over the next 12 years a wide variety of styles and color combinations would guarantee that those looking for a robust wrist alarm with undeniable presence could find exactly that. Seiko’s 4005 and 4006 calibre movements were available in 17j export and 27j domestic market versions (there’s even short lived 21j variant), both of which offer incredible reliability decades from when they were first produced. From classic dress styles to colorful casuals, there’s a “Bell” to suit any collection. This 7000 from August of ‘69 is the original Bell-Matic layout, and it’s classic design is instantly recognizable and has great presence on the wrist. The lacquered black dial sports a brushed finish with a heavy "north to south" grain, and is finished with tiered applied markers polished to a mirror finish. A steep chapter ring frames its edge and is marked in black minute hashes, and beyond that sits the fluted alarm bezel with a red cursor that is rotated via the crown. A flat beveled bezel contributes to a overall lower profile, and the case is a unique design that makes it appear as if it were two half-moons with a watch suspended between. For contrast, we've paired it with a light brown distressed leather that truly sets off the dial and provides a clean casual finish.


Clockwork Synergy Light Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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