1969 JDM Seiko 6139-6010 5 Sports Speedtimer (Proof, February)

1969 JDM Seiko 6139-6010 5 Sports Speedtimer (Proof, February)


The 6139 marked a milestone for Seiko as its first automatic chronograph, and the earliest iterations of this watch had several identifying characteristics that set them apart from later versions. Collectors scoop up these earlier versions for the rarity and bragging rights associated with them, making owning one easier said than done. It was long thought that the earliest versions carried serial numbers dating them to March of 1969, but within the last several years, a handful of examples from February of that year have surfaced. Officially, Seiko says actual production began in May, so these earlier examples were perhaps samples not meant to reach the wrists of consumers. What we do know is that of those found, they are exclusively Speed Timers, JDM variants meant only for the Japanese market. That alone makes procuring one at the very least a challenge. Getting your hands on a 6139 Speed Timer from February of ‘69? Almost impossible. Yet, here we have not only just that, but an example so well preserved, I scoured each individual part meticulously to ensure authenticity. From the two piece sweep, frosted hour and minute hands, and serif arabics of the subregister to the distinct drilling of the minute recording wheel, this is the real deal. In addition, the serial number 9(1969) 2 (February) 0472 indicates that it was among the first 500 ever produced! The dial itself is stamped with a production date of December 1968! As the photos indicate, it is unpolished with spotless original luminous material on the near perfect radial blue dial. Coupled with it’s original bracelet, this is a collector’s dream, and performing beautifully post service. 

Original Seiko 5 Sports “Triple Hinged” Bracelet in Stainless Steel

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