1969 JDM Seiko 6106-6410 5 Sports Sport Diver

1969 JDM Seiko 6106-6410 5 Sports Sport Diver


Seiko's UFO Sport Divers from the late 60's and 70's offer a big and bold diver style with pounds of vintage appeal. Most were available in the US market, but as with many Seiko models, their JDM counterparts offer great collectibility due to their lower production numbers and limited availability. This example from October of 69 hits the mark on several levels. It is extremely well preserved with a minty black dial boasting crisp markings and bright white luminous markers. The rotating inner bezel is a split design "count up" style with a blocked red 15 minute segment, and silver Arabics in five minute increments. The fat polished hour hand jumps off the dial and shares the stage with a baton style minute hand. Counting the seconds is a bright orange sweep that can be seen from miles away. The UFO case has the factory circular brush finish intact, and is topped with a polished edge bezel with flat black inlay. The original bracelet is in tow, and its a wide slotted rally style that adds tons of character.


Original Seiko 5 Sports Rally Bracelet

Serviced 8/3/17

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