1969 Grand Seiko 4520-8000 Hi-Beat 36000 (Manual Wind)

1969 Grand Seiko 4520-8000 Hi-Beat 36000 (Manual Wind)


The 45GS movement is in short, a masterpiece developed by Seiko’s Daini division. If you’re looking for further proof, consider that in 1968, Seiko submitted 103 pieces of it cal. 4520 to compete in the chronometer trials at the Concourse de Geneve that was organized by the Observatory in Geneva, Switzerland at that time. In no less than a clean sweep, Seiko managed to take the top seven places overall, losing the top three positions to the only watches that were more accurate at that time... the newly developed quartz Beta 21 movement. These hi-beat beauties marked a time when the world could no longer ignore that the Japanese, and especially Seiko, were contenders on the world stage, and a force to be reckoned with. Although the appreciation may be for mostly what’s inside, Seiko’s 45GS models were impeccably packaged into arguably some of the finest looking timepieces to have come out of that era. This 4520-8000 from September of 1969 is a perfect example. The stainless steel case follows the ideals of Taro Tanaka’s “Grammar of Design” with a faceted appearance not unlike a finely polished gemstone. Sharp angles and flat surfaces converge along crisp lines and tight corners to create a case architecture like nothing else. Beneath the original acrylic crystal is a silvery white sunburst dial with a glossy lacquer finish. It’s adorned with applied baguette markers with mirror polished bevels surrounding black top surfaces. The hands are a finely tapered sword style with a delicate black stripe through the center. The thin sweep hand smoothly glides along at a rate of 36,000 bph. There is no date aperture leaving the dial in perfect balance and symmetry. The case is unpolished with the factory finishes still visible and the gold “GS” medallion embedded at the center of the case back is crisp and shows virtually no signs of wear. To complement the dial, we’ve paired this beauty with a dark brown distressed leather with reverse stitching for a smooth fit and finish. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a truly historic piece of Seiko’s grand legacy to your own lineup.


Clockwork Synergy Dark Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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