1968 Seiko 6117-6019 Automatic “World Time”

1968 Seiko 6117-6019 Automatic “World Time”


Seiko’s third iteration in the World Time series, the 6010/9 is the last of the firsts. A tightly refined version of it’s two predecessors, it has a polished and finished aesthetic that’s doubtful could be improved upon. A 38mm masterpiece with stout, tapered lugs, an oversized but well integrated crown, and a striking dial full of color, texture, and finish. The dial is a silver linen with a lacquered finish and applied markers. At its border is a segmented 24 hour track in black for night, and baby blue for day. Framing it is the “cities of the world” inner bezel which can be rotated via the crown to determine the time anywhere in the world instantly. The hands are a polished sword style along with a bright red 24 hour hand. This particular style was only produced for about one year beginning in 1968 through part of ‘69, and as such is in fairly short supply and can be difficult to track down. Well worth the effort in our opinion, as it’s stunning on the wrist and a great piece of Seiko history.


Clockwork Synergy Light Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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