1968 JDM Seiko 4006-7020 “Bell-Matic" 27j

1968 JDM Seiko 4006-7020 “Bell-Matic" 27j


The first Bell-Matics were released to the public in 1966, and were at that time the very first automatic wrist alarm watches with a central rotor. Seiko continued production of the line for another 12 years with a wide array of styles ranging from colorful casuals, to refined classics. This variant from July of 1968 is a blend of both that offers great versatility and comfort on the wrist. The case has traditional lines, lengthy tapered lugs, and a low profile bezel. The minty dial is a rich silver sunburst with a lacquered finish that's complemented by polished sword style hands and split baguette markers. The luminous material from both the hands and markers has developed a perfect khaki patina that’s one of the few hints of this ringer’s actual age. Framing the dial is a raised minute chapter and a polished and fluted alarm bezel. A touch of color is provided by the cursor which consists of a white triangle over a block of bright red. The bell has a bright, crisp ring and the dark brown distressed leather strap provides smooth finish.


Clockwork Synergy Dark Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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