1968 JDM Seiko 4006-7000 27j "Bell-Matic"

1968 JDM Seiko 4006-7000 27j "Bell-Matic"


The 7000 was the very first Bell-Matic ever produced. When it became available in Japan in 1966, it was the world's first alarm wristwatch to be wound automatically via a central rotor. It was never available in the US due to import taxes that considered watches with such a high jewel count to be luxury items. Getting your hands on an early 7000 is quite a feat in and of itself, but this example from September of '68 only adds to the allure considering its stunning condition and spectacular layout. The lacquered silver dial sports a brushed finish with a heavy "north to south" grain, and is finished with beveled applied markers polished to a mirror finish. A steep chapter ring frames its edge and is marked in black minute hashes, and beyond that sits the fluted alarm bezel with a red cursor that is rotated via the crown. A flat beveled bezel contributes to a overall lower profile, and the case is a unique design that makes it appear as if it were two half-moons with a watch suspended between. For contrast, we've paired it with a light brown distressed leather that truly sets off the dial and provides a clean casual finish.


Clockwork Synergy Light Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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