1967 Seiko 6119-8060 Sportsmatic 5 MIL Watch

1967 Seiko 6119-8060 Sportsmatic 5 MIL Watch


During the Vietnam conflict a couple of Seiko variants found their way onto the wrists of many enlisted men and special forces operatives alike. Whether purchased at exchanges or issued by CISO to MAC-V SOG operatives, two in particular have been documented and verified by first hand accounts, and through photographic evidence provided by Frank Greco in his book Running Recon: A Photo Journey with SOG Special Ops Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The first iteration of these watches were the 6619 models which were available in two sequential styles; the 8280, followed by the 8060. Later the 6119-8100 would take their place.

This 8060 from July of ‘67 is everything a military watch should be. The rich charcoal gray dial has a sunburst pattern and a lacquer finish, and at its edge is a glossy chapter ring marking the minutes. The painted Arabic markers are a crisp jungle green which stand in stark contrast to the dial. The lengthy polished batons have large luminous plots of the same color, and can be read at a glance in almost any condition. The unpolished case has a sleek profile, strong lines, and sharply tapered lugs. We’ve paired it with a heavy slate green Zulu strap with PVD hardware for a rugged military feel. This one’s a must have for those who like a side of military history with their wrist wear.


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