1967 JDM Seiko 4006-7020 Bell-Matic 27j

1967 JDM Seiko 4006-7020 Bell-Matic 27j


The first Bell-Matics were released in November of 1966, and over the next 12 years a wide variety of styles and color combinations would guarantee that those looking for a robust wrist alarm with undeniable presence could find exactly that. Seiko’s 4005 and 4006 calibre movements were available in 17j export and 27j domestic market versions (there’s even short lived 21j variant), both of which offer incredible reliability decades from when they were first produced. From classic dress styles to colorful casuals, there’s a “Bell” to suit any collection. This 7020 from November of ‘67 is unbelievably well preserved. The case still sports the original factory finishes and each line and corner is just as sharp as the day it rolled off the line more than 50 years ago. It’s a timeless design that smoothly transitions from the tapered lugs into the main housing, and is topped with a thin polished bezel. The dial is a charcoal gray sunburst with a lacquered finish, framed by a steep minute chapter. Beyond that is the brightly polished and fluted alarm cursor bezel. The applied markers and tapered hands are a perfect contrast of mirror polish and khaki luminous patina. It’s completely original aside from a replacement crystal, and the bell has a crisp and bright tone. It comes attached to the original Seiko stainless steel “coffin link” bracelet finished in a vertical brush. Truly, an amazing example of one of Seiko’s finest. 

Original Seiko “Coffin Link” Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 4/12/18

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