1967 JDM Seiko 4006-7010 Bell-Matic 27j “Business Bell”

1967 JDM Seiko 4006-7010 Bell-Matic 27j “Business Bell”


The first Bell-Matics were released to the public in 1966, and were at that time the very first automatic wrist alarm watches with a central rotor. Seiko continued production of the line for another 12 years with a wide array of styles ranging from colorful casuals, to refined classics. This variant from July of 1967 is something altogether rare and not likely to be repeated. For a few months in 1967, Seiko offered a ringer in a tuxedo known as the “Business Bell.” It was designed for and marketed to those looking for a wrist alarm with sophistication and distinction. Import tariffs on luxury watches (those over 17 jewels) made them too expensive to offer outside of Japan, and in 1968, the “Business Bell” moniker was dropped. There are few examples available, and even fewer in this condition. The case has traditional lines, lengthy tapered lugs, and a low profile bezel. The minty dial is a rich silver sunburst with a lacquered finish that's complemented by polished sword style hands and polished markers with black inlay. Framing the dial is a dropped minute chapter and a thin satin alarm cursor ring with a subtle indicator. The bell has a bright, crisp ring that is distinct to these earlier examples. The sounding bar is much longer than later versions, and practically encompasses the entire movement. To complement the black highlights on the dial, we’ve paired it with a distressed black leather with light reverse stitching for a clean and classic finish. 


Clockwork Synergy Black Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)


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