1963 Seiko 15027E Lord Marvel 23J (Hand Wind) SD Dial

1963 Seiko 15027E Lord Marvel 23J (Hand Wind) SD Dial


The Lord Marvel is considered by many to be Seiko’s first attempts at turning out a high end time piece. The line was introduced in 1958, and over the next decade would evolve into a high beat masterpiece that’s become a must have for many collectors. From the first to the last, however, each iteration has its own identity, and they are all mid-century classics worthy of attention. This example from March of 1963 is the fourth variant produced, and the last to house the “Marvel” style movement. It’s direct successor would be fitted with Seiko’s “Crown” style 5740A. The 23 jewel “Marvel” movement is, however, more than capable and is a polished hand winder with great finishes that’s built to last. The dial is a silvery white linen with a north to south grain and only two lines of text. Seiko’s eight sided star logo sits above the six o’clock marker and gives this dial its SD (Special Dial) designation. This usually indicates that the dial has been given special attention through various finishing methods, and in some cases, that the markers are solid precious metals. The markers on this one are a mix of split and contoured baguettes that are polished and perfectly proportionate. The hands are polished and beveled dauphines with a long, sweeping taper. The dial isn’t perfect. There is scattered spotting and some signs of aging throughout. Overall though, it is in great condition. The case is unpolished and its original lines are still crisp. The etching on the case back is a bit worn, but still quite legible and complete. The serialized movement winds and sets smoothly, and post service is keeping time to within a few seconds per day. We’ve paired it with a dark brown distressed leather for a versatile and comfortable fit and finish, and we’re pricing it to reflect the condition of the dial. If you’re looking for a deal on a mid-century classic with a bit of character, this is your opportunity.

Clockwork Synergy Dark Brown Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 10/7/18

Diameter- 35.5mm

Lugs- 18mm

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