1980 JDM Seiko G757-4010 Quartz LCD Alarm/Chronograph “Digiborg”

1980 JDM Seiko G757-4010 Quartz LCD Alarm/Chronograph “Digiborg”


The 1980’s saw no shortage of fun and interesting LCD displays by several manufacturers. Arguably, no one did it as well as Seiko, and few are more collectible than the G757’s. One in particular is considered a grail of sorts to LCD fans everywhere: the G757-5020 Sports 100, famously worn by Roger Moore in the James Bond film “Octopussy.” However, adding any G757 to your line up can be a worthwhile venture as each model is an entertaining piece of digital Seiko history, and a collector’s item in it’s own right. The Japanese referred to these models as “Digiborgs,” but whatever you call them, here’s your chance to call one your own. This example from December of 1980 is one of the cleanest we’ve seen. Neither the case or bracelet show much in the way of wear, and the original crystal has only a few faint hairlines. It has a large display with a seconds totaler, day and date, and alarm and hourly chime indicator. The functions include a count down timer with graphic display, an alarm, a graphic dual time display, and a chronograph (stopwatch). The top of the case is framed in a studded PVD cover. The alarm chime will wake up a nostalgia you had long forgotten, and the incandescent back light (yes, it still works), will brighten your display as well as your smile. The G757 movement was disassembled and the circuit panel and zebra connectors were carefully cleaned. A fresh battery was installed, and all functions were tested and operate correctly. This one comes attached to the original bracelet and ships in the original inner box with the original instruction manual. For convenience, we’ve provided a link to a digital copy of the original manual below. 

Setting instructions: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1013942/Seiko-G757-Gzc.html

Original Seiko Tapered Five-Link Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Digital components Cleaned and New Battery Installed- 5/12/19


Lugs- 20mm

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