1976 Seiko 6138-8030 Automatic Chronograph “Blue JPS”

1976 Seiko 6138-8030 Automatic Chronograph “Blue JPS”


For all of the love given to this model’s companion piece in black and gold, holding this one in the metal will likely convince you that John Player’s product would have been just as ‘special’ in shades of blue. Though no official partnership was ever forged, the similarities between Seiko’s 6138-8030 and the JPS Lotus 72 are at the very least intriguing. So much so, that the black and gold 8030 has been and will likely forever be known as the Seiko John Player Special. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then that this alternate color way has come to be known to enthusiasts as the “Blue JPS.” Let me be the first to say that it is in no need of credentials by association. It is a stand alone stunner that would be a welcome addition to any roster. The dial is a textured navy blue with perfectly balanced luminous plots, and its framed by a shimmering silver minute chapter. A true “sandwich” dial, the sub registers are printed on a separate, satin finished and lacquered baby blue that sits recessed behind the navy foreground. This lower dial also makes up the inner frame for the day and date window at three o’clock. Beyond the chapter is a fixed tachymetric scale that adds another level of depth and balanced proportion. The angled mineral crystal flows seamlessly into the bezel, and the case has an almost faceted appearance through crisp lines and sharp angles. This example from January of ‘76 is fantastic. There are only two minor blemishes on the dial: a pinpoint just right of the SEIKO logo, and a small mark on the middle right of the minute register. The hour and minute hands are bright  white with no chipping or paint loss, and the luminous within the hands and on the dial is virtually spotless. The case is unpolished, and the brush finish on the hooded lugs and case sides is still intact. The 6138B offers automatic and manual winding, independent quickset of both the day and the date, and post service, is keeping near perfect time. We’ve paired it with a light gray RAF NATO that both showcases and complements the dial. At just under 40mm (39.8mm), it’s a compact dual register with pounds of vintage presence, and worthy of any collection.

Clockwork Synergy Light Gray Double Layer Two-Piece RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 1/24/19

Diameter- 40mm

Lugs- 18mm

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