1972 Seiko 3703-7021 Electronic EL-370 Day/Date

1972 Seiko 3703-7021 Electronic EL-370 Day/Date


What do you get when you cross a battery with a balance wheel? In this case, the Seiko EL-370. Before the onset of the quartz revolution, many manufacturers believed that electric movements were the way of the future. This can be credited originally to Hamilton and the introduction of the Ventura electric watch, but soon after nearly every major player followed suit and began to develop their own electric and eventually electronic movements. In truth, Seiko was a bit late to the electronic game, but for good reason; they were working to complete what would eventually bring mechanical watchmaking to a near standstill. Of course, I’m referring to the Astron quartz. Perhaps as a way to hedge their bets, or to stay relevant in an electric market, they introduced the 3700. It was a transistorized movement that utilized a balance wheel for regulation and a button cell for energy. A little more than a flash in the pan, Seiko electronic movements culminated with the Elnix line around 1974, and then vanished altogether by the end of ‘76. Though somewhat short lived, Seiko’s electric designs are solidly built, and many still find their way onto the wrists of collectors the world over. The Elnix designs can seem a bit avant-garde to some, but for those looking for a piece of electric history with a more classic layout, the EL-370 may be a perfect fit. This example from March of ‘72 has a soft ivory dial with applied baguette markers and striped batons. A slender black hacking second hand advances around the dial in a somewhat stuttered sweep. The barrel shaped case has a slick bevel along the side this finished in a sunburst pattern. A low profile bezel frames the acrylic crystal adding a sharp finish. The mechanical portion of the watch was carefully cleaned and lubricated, and a fresh battery was installed. It’s keeping great time, and on a Navy RAF NATO, adds a casual, but interesting talking point to any collection.

Clockwork Synergy Navy Blue Double Layer Two-Piece RAF NATO (clockworksyergy.com)

Serviced 4/13/19

Diameter- 38mm

Lugs- 18mm

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