1970 Seiko 6106-7107 Automatic 70m Sport Diver (Resist)

1970 Seiko 6106-7107 Automatic 70m Sport Diver (Resist)


There was no shortage of amazing Sport Divers offered by Seiko from the late 60’s and through the 1970’s. Beefy cases and an array of colors and designs made for several memorable pieces, most of which still top the lists of collectors today. One in particular would be the first in a long line of orange dialed divers that continues to this day. The 6106-7107 was one in a series of similarly styled divers across two different movements. It was, however, the only one to have both a unique dial color and case. Neither were shared with any other model at the time. The orange itself is a flat pumpkin hue that’s perfectly contrasted by black lettering, and applied monument markers. Both the hands and the markers are striped, and are beautifully complemented by the wide inner rotating bezel. It’s a “count-up” style that can be rotated via the recessed crown at four o’clock. The case is a saucer style with a flat, beveled bezel that doesn’t sit too high on the wrist. Overall, it’s a stellar design that’s sure to grab attention in any setting, and nice examples are getting harder to find by the day. This one from August of ‘70 is fantastic. The case is crisp and unpolished with the factory finishes still intact. The dial is free of the color fade often seen in this model, and perfect other than a single blemish just to the left of the Seiko logo. The inner bezel is also free of fading, and rotates smoothly in either direction via the crown. It’s completely original other than a replacement crystal, and even comes attached to the original, and scarcely present, double hinged “block” link bracelet, though one of the end links is a replacement. The hacking 6106 is keeping near perfect time post service, and the inner bezel rotates smoothly in either direction. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a true Seiko first.

Original Seiko Double Hinge “Block” Link Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Serviced 4/20/19

Diameter 43mm

Lugs 19mm

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