1970 JDM Seiko 6139-7010 5 Sports Speed Timer (Proof)

1970 JDM Seiko 6139-7010 5 Sports Speed Timer (Proof)


For most collector’s, this watch needs little in the way of an introduction, but for the uninitiated, it is the grail of the 6139 line up. Only produced for a period of about two years in total, it’s a JDM only model, meaning it was only available in the Japanese market, and no export counterpart was ever available. As I understand it, this particular model was presented to eligible candidates upon graduation from Japanese special forces training. It couldn’t be bought... It had to be earned. A study conducted throughout a large cross section of the Seiko collecting community revealed that less than .01% of 6139’s owned were the 7010 reference, painting a clear picture of just how rare this Speed Timer actually is. Those that do become available in the market have often had parts replaced with inferior aftermarket or incorrect parts. This example from February of 1970 is a jaw dropper. The matte black dial is nearly perfect, and free of fade from exposure. The printed markers are crisp and the original luminous plots have an even, warm patina. The hour and minute hands in black and white show no paint loss or chipping, and only light spotting at the edges of the lume. The chronograph hands are the original vibrant orange, with the correct “two-piece” sweep at center. The day can be toggled between English and Kanji (Japanese) by pressing inward on the recessed dimpled crown. The case is unpolished, and the original factory edges and finishes are still intact. It’s completely original aside from a replacement crystal and post service, the 21j 6139A is keeping near perfect time. In keeping with it’s military heritage, we’ve paired it with an olive drab RAF NATO that looks and feels great on the wrist. Opportunities to own this reference in this condition are much like the watch itself... Incredibly rare. 

Clockwork Synergy Olive Drab Double Layer Two-Piece RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 1/21/19

Diameter- 41mm

Lugs- 19mm

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