1969 Seiko 6139-6020 Automatic Chronograph "Pulsations"

1969 Seiko 6139-6020 Automatic Chronograph "Pulsations"


Most of the offerings in Seiko's 6139 line up are quite easily recognizable, but one variant stands alone in it's architecture. The "Pulsations," as it's more commonly known, is an eye-catching doctor's chronograph with features all it's own, and an undeniable presence on the wrist. This example from October of ‘69 boasts the rarely seen chocolate brown dial with a matte finish and polished applied markers and hands. The chronograph hands stand out in a flash of brick orange to add a perfect color pop, and the sweep hand is the correct “two piece” variant found only on the earliest models. Just beyond the dial is the rotating inner bezel in a glossy black and silver, and is laid out in a "Base 10" scale for determining a resting heart rate. Worth noting, the day wheel can be toggled between English and Thai. This is one of the rarest day wheels produced, and only the second instance I’ve ever seen on this model. A couple of the English days are missing portions of the lettering, but they can still be determined at a glance. The case sports a low profile bezel and sculpted lugs, and has a thinner profile perfect for sliding just under a crisp cuff. This watch is in phenomenal condition considering it’s been around for nearly a half-century, and original examples are becoming impossible to find. The 6139A is keeping near perfect time post service, and the the chronograph functions are crisp and responsive. To complement the dial, we've paired it with a dark navy blue distressed leather that’s the perfect middle ground between casual and formal.

Clockwork Synergy Dark Navy Blue Distressed Leather with Reverse Stitch (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 11/4/18

Diameter- 40mm

Lugs- 19mm

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