1969 Seiko 6119-6050 5 Sports “Regatta” 70m Diver (Proof)

1969 Seiko 6119-6050 5 Sports “Regatta” 70m Diver (Proof)


This rarely seen 6050 from January of ‘69 is often attached to the "Rally" diver family of the same era, but is in fact something else altogether. Seiko’s only “Double Bezel” diver of the era, it features a bright cerulean and turquoise 12 hour inner bezel, and an outer 60 minute count up in silver and black. Noteworthy of the outer bezel though, is that the 10 and 20 minute segments are highlighted in bright red. Thought it has faded a bit over the last 50 years, the bright orange second hand can be easily spotted against the minty matte black dial with large, white luminous markers. The frosted hour and minute hands have developed rich brassy tone, and have been carefully re-lumped to match the original luminous on the dial. It may boast a 70m "Proof" demarcation, but this layout is actually designed for use just above the water as a means to track times during high speed sailing races known as Regattas... Seiko’s first Regatta Timer is housed in a uniquely shaped case, 41mm in diameter, but with a much thinner profile than is typical of vintage Seiko divers. Flat surfaces, faceted lugs, and flared edges make for architecture with a clearly nautical nuance. It is completely original aside from a replacement crystal, and the case is unpolished with the original factory finishes still intact. The 6119 behind the dial is a solid built workhorse movement, and post service, it’s keeping near perfect time. We’ve paired it with a olive drab RAF NATO that complements the colors around the dial, and offers comfort on the wrist. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a truly rare Seiko first to your line up.

Clockwork Synergy Olive Drab Double Layer Two-Piece RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 4/13/19

Diameter- 41mm

Lugs- 19mm

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