1969 JDM Seiko 6106-8510 5 Sports 70m Sport Diver “Black Rally” (Proof)

1969 JDM Seiko 6106-8510 5 Sports 70m Sport Diver “Black Rally” (Proof)


Seiko’s 6106 Sport Divers are among some of the most sought after vintage models the brand has to offer. The “Rally” designation is most typically given to those with checkered bezels or dials, but two variants were available in all black, and both were released only to the Japanese domestic market. This example from September of ‘69 is not only rare, it is immaculate. The matte black dial is perfect. The original luminous plots are bright white and free of any signs of degradation. The minute track is laid out in silver blocks to match the logo and other print, and the only spot of color is provided by the bright blue ‘Sports’ designation. The hour and minute hands are free of oxidation and sport a mirror polished finish. A blaze orange sweep counts the seconds. The barrel shaped case is unpolished and super crisp with the original factory finishes nearly flawless. A knurled bezel sits on top, and the black ‘count-up’ bezel shows almost no signs of wear. The pip retains its original acrylic lens, and the luminous material beneath has developed a warm golden patina. The hacking 6106C is a bullet proof Seiko workhorse that’s keeping near perfect time post service, and ready to provide many more years of reliable service. We’ve paired it with a two-piece desert tan RAF NATO that’s comfortable, versatile, and perfectly showcases this amazing sport diver. It’s completely original aside from a replacement crystal, and ready to drop jaws in any room.

Clockwork Synergy Desert Tan Two-Piece Double Layer RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 10/30/18

Diameter- 42mm

Lugs- 19mm

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