1968 Seiko 6119-8100 “5” MAC-V SOG MIL Issue (Vietnam)

1968 Seiko 6119-8100 “5” MAC-V SOG MIL Issue (Vietnam)


Issued by Ben Baker, the head of the Counter Insurgency Support Office (CISO), this Seiko 5 was made available for, and issued to Military Assistance Command- Vietnam (MACV) Studies and Observation Group (SOG) operatives. His office was charged with supplying any number of sterile or “non-attributable” items for members of the various recon teams within the SOG. From cameras to knives, and in this case watches, these team members needed equipment that would allow them plausible deniability if captured, so they were issued without GI stock numbers. Evidence backing the issue of this watch in particular was discovered in a book by Frank Greco entitled “Running Recon: A Photo Journey with SOG Special Ops Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.” With its clandestine military association, and having become nearly impossible to source, these Seiko MIL watches are at the top of every collector’s list. This example from June of ‘68 is an even rarer find than most. In addition to its general history, it was purchased from a Veteran that lived through it, and was kind enough to share his story on paper. His experiences from receiving the watch, to the conflicts endured with it strapped to his wrist are included in a letter that accompanies it. He also included a copy of a photo in which he can be seen wearing the watch taken at a defensive outpost during his service. Considering its history, the watch in incredibly well preserved. The bezel and case back are stainless steel, but the mid case is steel plate. Some light wear through can be seen on the upper surface, and some moderate wear is visible on the lower portion. It is unpolished and completely original aside from a replacement crystal. The dial is a stunning charcoal gray sunburst with luminous Arabic markers, and the hands are large batons with a clean polished finish. The 6119 behind the dial is keeping time to within a few seconds per day post service, and the date can be quickset via the crown. The day can be set semi quickset. In keeping with its military heritage, we’ve paired it with a desert tan two-piece RAF NATO that’s both comfortable and versatile. This is a collector’s dream for both watch and military enthusiasts, and an opportunity that won’t likely be repeated.

Clockwork Synergy Desert Tan Two-Piece Double Layer RAF NATO (clockworksynergy.com)

Serviced 8/16/17

Diameter- 37mm

Lugs- 19mm

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