1966 Seiko 8306-1000 Sea Lion M-77 Weekdater 30j

1966 Seiko 8306-1000 Sea Lion M-77 Weekdater 30j


With an array of marine life icons used to describe and identify the waterproofness of a specific watch or collection of watches, perhaps none leave as many questions for collectors as Seiko’s Sea Lion variants. Often attached to the Weekdater line, and considered by some to be a close relative of the Seikomatic family, little definitive information exists about this particular subset of vintage Seikos. What I can tell you is that many use some of Seiko’s more impressive calibres, are most often seen in what I’d consider dressier styles, and as far as i can tell, are always day/date models. This example from February of ‘66 was not going to get by me, as it houses an 8306 automatic akin to the JDM Seikomatic-R and Business-A, and head turning dial layout. The case features sloping lugs with crisp angles and mixed finishes that perfectly showcases a stunning dial. What began as a rich silver sunburst with a glossy lacquer finish has taken on a subtle blue, and almost lavender patina in certain light. A thin black crosshair intersects the tapered points of the cardinal markers, save the three, as that space is occupied by a framed day/date window. The markers are applied cones with hidden luminous wells that would have reflected off of the polished tension ring. The luminous on the polished hands was also hidden and applied to the underside to reflect off of the dial. The 30 jewel movement is a true gem that showcases innovation to Seiko’s approach at the time. Rather than using the “magic lever” pawl, the winding mechanism incorporates a complicated, yet very efficient integrated “inversion roller” reverser system that is silky smooth and can be wound manually via the crown. The date can be quickset via the crown in the second position, and the day is semi-quickset. Post service it is keeping near perfect time with ample reserve. It is unpolished and completely original aside from a replacement crystal. The case back has all of its markings intact, though it bears some wear and a few tool marks. We’ve paired it with a soft gray stitched canvas that’s perfect for summer and adds great versatility. Vintage dress at its best, this Sea Lion is at the crosshair of form at function.

Kvarnsjo Leather Gray Stitched Canvas with Leather Backing (cheapestnatostraps.com)

Serviced 6/8/19

Diameter- 38mm

Lugs- 19mm

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