1960 Seiko 15002 Crown 21j Manual Wind

1960 Seiko 15002 Crown 21j Manual Wind


Seiko’s Crown line, along with the Marvels, evolved into the Kings and Grands that put the brand on the map as a top tier manufacturer. In the early 1960’s the Crown was just that; a representation of Seiko’s technical prowess packed neatly into a crisp mid-century package. As bargains go, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better one on the vintage market. I couldn’t resist this stunning rare dial variant from July of 1960. The dial is a satin silver with a glossy lacquer finish that shows almost no indication of its 60 years of age. The applied dagger markers are beveled, polished, and taper inward to a fine point. Only the twelve varies in a split double bevel and a bit more length. The hour and minute hands are slim and reaching, and easily legible against the dial. The case is a classic layout with a slim profile of just under 10mm. The lugs are long and tapered, and the crown is just the right size to allow for easy winding and setting without being cumbersome on the wrist. The hand wound cal. 560 is a 21 jewel, finely finished movement that, post service, is keeping time to within a few seconds per day. We’ve paired it with a stone gray suede leather that perfectly complements the dial, and provides a crisp finish. Vintage minimalism at its finest, it is deserving of its name, and a spot in any rotation.

Kvarnsjo Leather Stone Suede Leather with White Stitching (cheapestnatostraps.com) 

Serviced 6/19/19

Diameter- 35mm

Lugs- 18mm

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